I am located in Kansas, about 30 minutes south of Topeka. As I travel the rural outreaches of Kansas trying to make a living, I look for that treasure sitting in the hedgerows waiting to be rediscovered. I recently purchased a 1954 GMC 250 with wrecker boom and winch on the back. I delivered a '51 Suburban in upstate NY, and then traveled on to Ogdensburg the weekend of the ATHS show to get the '54 Wrecker. It has a metal plate on the dash indicating that a Unitraction adaptor has been added. This notification is to warn anyone working on the vehicle, or worse, under the vehicle that both wheels need to be elevated to avoid driving off the jack if you engage the power. Unitraction was made by Detroit Automotive Co Inc.

Have you heard of this aftermarket option? Do you have any info on it? I know it works because I carelessly drove into some mud this spring. The old GMC pulled itself out leaving 2 identically deep ruts. And that was with worn out highway tires. My 49 beater would have been stuck for sure with only one wheel spinning at a time.

I would appreciate any info you have and I really enjoy your website. Bob Dyck

*Bob - I'm sorry that I don't have any information on Unitraction, but maybe one of our readers does! That is one great looking wrecker you dragged home. Rob

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