Canadian serial numbers and in particular decoding Canadian ID plate data is very difficult for me. I'm on the "wrong" side of the border to find much information on Canadian GMCs, and accordingly, the only place I can really find anything at all is on eBay. Canadian GMC trucks are unique in that the light duty trucks used Chevy engines and GMC wrappers and cosmetics. Heavy duty (and medium duty too) Canadian built GMCs used GMC motors; 270s and 248s for the most part. While the Canadian numbering system and tag contains FAR more information than their American made counterparts, I do not have decoder information for the paint, body, or engine serial numbers on these tags and therefore can decode only the chassis serial number at best. As far as I know, all Canadian GMCs were built in Oshawa, Ontario.

Up until '53, the light duty trucks ran Chevy 216s from what I can tell. After that they used Chevy 235s, then GMC 248s and 270s in the late '55 on models. Most of this information is gleaned from reading parts and maintenance manuals, and as always, I welcome anyone who has information that they are willing to share and help others. The purpose of this site is informational and to help people. Scans of helpful information is always welcomed, but seldom received.

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