In the family since 1953! By Dean Forster.
My wife's grandfather bought this '51 3/4 ton GMC in 1953 to use as a farm truck so he could haul more grain. The truck sat in grandpa's barn from '66 to '85 when he gave it to me. I was slow getting started on the restoration, but finished the job in '94. I have well over 2000 hours of work in it and still find more! The truck has 72,000 original miles on it. The truck has an original GMC radio, fresh air heater, stainless window trim, and most of the original cab interior, and the original 15" split rims. I retired this month (March 2001) after 31 years as a police officer and look forward to enjoying my truck, and my retirement. I hope that my son will want to own this truck some day so we can keep it in our family for another 50 years! I have met a lot of nice people restoring this truck, and look forward to meeting many more.